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A Guide to Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis
Marla Mallett
  • Lucid descriptions of rug-weaving processes

  • Simple terminology that cuts through the jungle of technical jargon

  • Common-sense rug analyses

  • Selvages, finishes and other unique details that help to distinguish rug groups

  • Clear illustrations of each structure

  • Indispensable for collectors, dealers and scholars

  • Winner of the prestigious Quatrefoil Award

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This much needed Marla Mallett book on structure easily replaces previous publications on the subject because it is so coherently written and illustrated that even the most complex techniques become clear.  This is truly communication at an impressive level, and in our opinion it belongs in every rug library.

                                               Murray Eiland, Jr, and Murray Eiland, III,
                                               authors of ORIENTAL RUGS: A COMPLETE GUIDE

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Marla Mallett has published a very significant new book that every serious ruggy should own.  It is going to become, I can predict with confidence, the rug collector's "bible" on matters of structure and process.  With her precise but very readable style, Marla describes how textiles are constructed, in a very understandable way.  Throughout, her focus is on conveying useful information with which the reader can make technical analysis a practical means of identifying and enjoying rugs and textiles.

                                      Mark Hopkins, Former President of the New England Rug Society

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Despite the recognized importance of technical and structural analysis of Oriental rugs and textiles, a standard form of notation and a uniform terminology had not developed.  Now, Marla Mallett fills this need.  In this book she deals not only with fabric structure itself, but with the process by which it is produced.  Her clear, luminous writing and her accurate, meticulous drawings -- accompanied by exemplary illustrations of the real thing -- make this book a delight to the newcomer and connoisseur alike.  Everyone interested in Oriental rugs (or in textiles generally) should have this book and read it.
                      John L. Sommer, Former President, San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society

How was it made?
What should we call it?

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Marla Mallett's WOVEN STRUCTURES presents, for the first time, meticulously detailed descriptions of knotted pile and flatwoven structures that not only identify weaving techniques but the design characteristics they encourage.  Selvage and end finishes, often given short shrift, receive special attention. As an added bonus, every point she makes is illuminated by marvelously clear photographs and sketches.

Ms. Mallett's straightforward prose, and her use of generally accepted rug and textile terminology will win plaudits from collectors and dealers alike.  In addition, the listing of features she recommends including in analyses of weavings should prove of great value to advanced collectors and scholars frustrated by the confusing and often misleading systems of notation currently in use.

This ground-breaking book already rates high among the top ten in my rug book library. Consider it an essential purchase for yours.


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Marla Mallett
16990 Johnson Road NE
Atlanta, GA  3306  USA

Phone:  404-872-3356

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