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African Textiles 

A variety of African textile art is represented here,  Most of these ethnographic items are 60 to 80 years old.  

NOTE:  Click on the inventory numbers below for full views and large details of each textile.  

Screenshot 2021-07-04 164744.png
Screenshot 2021-07-04 164856.png

An Ashantai chief at Kumkasi in his full regalia.  Venice Lamb, West Afrixcan Weaving.. London, 1975.'.

Luena warriors, Angola, with raffia wrap-around skirts.  Circa 1900.  Archive: Linden-Museum, Stuttgart. .

Screenshot 2021-07-05 162828.png
Bambara Hunter's Costume
Screenshot 2021-07-05 163022.png
Lega Bwami Ceremonial Hat
Screenshot 2021-07-05 164928.png
Kente Cloth
Screenshot 2021-07-05 193804.png
Wedding Basket
Screenshot 2021-07-05 165125.png

The Congo.
Cowrie shells and feathers
on cotton; raffia trim  

Screenshot 2021-07-05 192733.png
Boutala Waist Wrap

Kuba. The Congo  
Raffia cut pile embroidery

Screenshot 2021-07-05 192607.png
Crocheted Hat
Screenshot 2021-07-05 193723.png
Kuba Belt
Screenshot 2021-07-05 194820.png
Yoruba Hat
Screenshot 2021-07-05 201411.png
Kirdi Beaded Cache-Sexe
Screenshot 2021-07-05 201458.png

I'Luena warriors, Angola, with raffia wrap-around skirts.  Circa 1900.  Archive:  Linden-Muesum, Stuttgart. .

Screenshot 2021-07-05 165026.png

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