Moroccan Snapshots

Below are a few photos from across Morocco, showing a little of the richness and cultural diversity of the country: Berber weavers and spinners from the Atlas Mountains with distinctive costumery, and both country markets and city souks where their weavings and other products change hands. Both city and country architecture display a wealth of ornament.

Berber women of the Ait Hadidou tribe. Imilchil

   Imilchil casbah

   Souk de Tapis, Marrakech. Berber auction

  Berber market in the South

Berber woman spinning.  
With not just one baby      
strapped on, but two!         

  Professional dyers, Marrakech

  Camels with weft-substitution saddle rugs

Young woman from the     
High Atlas Mountains       

   Village in the Ourika Valley

  Woven saddle rugs laid out for a tent floor

  Berber market in the High Atlas Mountains

   Bicycle souk. Marrakech

   Village in the Atlas Mountains

This Tuareg nomad camel driver appears to have Middle Atlas saddle rugs on his camel.

   Kairaouine University, Fez

   Nomads in Southern Morocco. M'Hamid

   Rahba Kedima, Marrakech

   Friends in the Marrakech souk

Saadian Tombs, Marrakech

Here was my husband Chris in 1978, discussing a small Ouaouzguite weaving with Ben Cherif and friends.   Marrakech

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