Indonesian Textiles:  Ikats, Brocades & Batiks

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Intricate warp-ikat fabrics have been produced by weavers throughout Indonesia for use as both ritual objects and prestige garments. The sacred textiles have been thought to have protective powers and played major roles in ceremonial events.

To create an ikat fabric, the artisan first stretches warp yarns on a frame, and binds selected areas with raffia.  The warp bundles are then dyed, producing resist patterns wherever the dye cannot penetrate.  Then selected areas are unbound, other areas are bound, and the yarns are immersed in a second dye bath.  Finally, the bindings are removed, the warp yarns are placed on a simple backstrap loom, and the fabric is woven with a plain weft. Through this painstaking process, sophisticated textile art is produced with both drama and subtlety. 

The brocaded pieces included here, whether silk, cotton or metallic, were all hand-woven. The batiks were drawn by hand, first on one side of the fabric, then repeated on the back.  Then the fabric was dyed. For a second color, new design portions were waxed and the dyeing repeated.. 

A few Indonesian leather shadow puppets are included below. For more information on these, read about the Wayang Kulit theater.

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Pair of Hinggi
Sumba. Indonesia
Each 48"x 95"plus fringe
Warp ikat.  Cotton

Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet
Bali. Indonesia.
16" high
Painted and gilded buffalo leather

Japara Ikat Selendang
Java.  Indonesia
Contemporary. 23"x 62"
Warp ikat.  Cotton.

Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet
Bali. Indonesia.
Painted and gilded buffalo leather

Batik Gedok
Contemporary. 31"x 100"
Hand-drawn batik on cotton

Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet
Bali. Indonesia.
Painted and gilded buffalo leather

Jepara Ikat Cover
Java. Indonesia
Contemporary. 47"x 91"
Warp ikat. Cotton
Read about the Wayang Kulit Theater of Indonesia

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